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A little help from our friends

It's funny the people we meet during our travels. Here are a few of the bright lights we crossed paths with on our journey in Nicaragua.

Chepe : Is a local resident we met on the beach after surfing in Rancho Santana. He invited our youth outreach team from Waves Not Plastic to visit a local school in his neighborhood. The beach is his home and Chepe proudly joined us in sharing the message of clean oceans with the kids. This was the first school visit of our trip and we distributed school supplies, installed a water filtration system in the classroom and joined the kids out in the yard playing futbol.

Jorge: I firsted connected with Jorge fresh out of the water. He was still smiling ear to ear from grabbing a few waves as we headed back up the dust covered path. A surfer from Colombia and currently living in Florida, Jorge asked if we needed an interperator for our school visit with Chepe. We had no idea that Jorge would be joining us for the next several weeks. Jorge... incredible artist, fearless driver, spanish interperator, children's story teller and all around friend in and out of the water.

Matt: Stoffer, named after the frozen dinners, is a traveling surfer from Santa Barbara, California. Equiped with clothes and toys he collected from his neighbors, Stoffer shared his gifts with the school, his camera with the kids and waves with the crew

Special Thank you to Waves Not Plastic'

Creative Director and Photographer: Beth Burns

Youth Outreach Director: Britt Arana

Waves Not Plastic CEO and founder

grabbing a few waves before heading to school

photot credits: Beth Burns

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