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Made from plants not plastic

Waves Not Plastic has launched our first environmentally friendly sticker. This sticker is made from plants, not plastic and allows us to share our message without leaving a lasting negative effect on the environment.

We encourage businesses and consumers to think creatively and utilize alternative forms of packaging, printing, and purchasing. Printed in our home state of California, this sticker uses water based ink and corn based products. The use of alternative materials allows us to share our message without creating a product that adds to the global plastic pollution problem.

Our plastic free advertising campaign was launched on World Ocean's Day 2015 at our home beach in San Francisco, as we participated in a beach cleanup with our friends at Surfrider and Patagonia. We have continued to travel around the world sharing the message of ocean conservation and plastic pollution prevention with a product that encourages alternatives to plastic consumption.

"What will you create?"

For more information on environmentally friendly printing, visit our friends at:

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