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Everyone has their own special gift.  Some people possess the skills to share their passion with the people that they encounter in their everyday life.  Join the mission and educate those around you.  


Take the platform and share the story of ocean conservation with local schools, surf clubs, tourism committees, and local governments.


As an organization we are happy to provide you with the resources to educate your local communities.


This is my favorite aspect of Waves Not Plastic!  Create a beach cleanup in an area that you visit to enjoy the ocean and the gifts that it shares.  


Waves Not Plastic .org will provide you with the information that you need to produce your very own beach cleanup event.  Equipped with your cleanup kit and easy to plan outline; everything that you need to produce a successful event is just a click away.  

All you need to do is grab your friends, reach out to your local community, and enjoy a day on the beach.   

VOLUNTEER is a non-profit organization and registered 501(c)3. If the preservation of our oceans is a passionate topic in your life, we would love to have you as a member of our growing team.  


Internship programs our also available and can be coordinated with the team at Waves Not Plastic .org and your college campus.


Plastic has devastated our oceans.  Our environment needs individuals like you who enjoy, value, and appreciate the time we spend recreating in the water. Please join us and lend a moment of your time and energy to show your appreciation and support.


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